Money, MUNI and a Monday Morning

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So this morning got off to an exceptionally good start. All due to the fact that I was able to getout of bed much earlier than normal.

Nothing about the night before was different. In fact I stayed up late. And even ate some Ben and Jerry’s, in bed.

Well either way. I got up and did all the shit I needed to this morning before leaving for work.

As I’m walking down the street to the bus stop I hear that fucker trucking it up the hill. I run yelling to stop and he actually does. (MUNI bus drivers are notorious for being assholes.)

As I board the bus I thank him but he says nothing. I then put my 15 dimes in the slot to pay my fare. The fuckers get stuck at the top and as they fall in they only count out to 70 cents.

The driver was holding my transfer ticket which I needed for my next bus. He pulled it into his hand as he saw all I had was 70 cents in the machine.

Finally I’m pleading to get that fucking ticket. He gives in.

So now I’m on time, in a good mood for a Monday. And I’m holding a little bit of cash to pay for this weeks expenses.

— JRodriguez

ps: I think I’m dumb, maybe just happy.


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This morning being of the wake and bake variety, I’ve had some old epiphanies regarding self-improval/empowerment.

Ironic you say? Well did I even ask you?

I realized I have so much going well for me and I just somehow ignore it. Why would I even remotely be depressed? Oh wait I know! I’m not even doing anything productive. Ever.

How about I just change that? Yes as easy that sounds. Not changing anything is even easier to do. So fuck that. No more bullshitting.

Waking up early isn’t hard once your up so I have to train my zombie-ass to just get up and go run. Maybe I’ll puffski a tiny bit and that can be a second motivator.

I mean it is my favorite vegetable.

Foveal Pit: Macula Mash-up

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Stereo Pairs: Optic Disc

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Cross eyes to merge two images into one.

Click to see full-size. Cross eyes to merge two images into one.

Cross eyes to merge two images into one.

Click to see full-size. Cross eyes to merge two images into one.

Musical Interlude: “Tricky feat. Hawkman”

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Link to downloadable mp3:

Tricky – Evolution Revolution Love

I’m really getting into Tricky’s tracks featuring Hawkman. The fusion of Tricky’s dark trip-hop guitar riff’s with Hawkman’s melodic harmonies add a wonderful Reggae vibe.
I find myself nodding to this almost in a trance-like state.

Glaucomatous Optic Nerves

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Glaucomatous optic nerve’s may contain:

  • Noticeable asymmetry of optic discs
  • Advanced glaucomatous cupping of the right optic nerve
  • Localized rim loss inferiorly and baring of the circumlinear vessel
  • Nasalization and bayoneting of the vessels
  • Baring of the lamina cribrosa

Macular Dystrophy

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Fluorescein Angiogram Montage OS

Fluorescein Angiogram Montage OS

Here is my first gallery post of a case where there is a huge amount of Retinal Pigment Epithelium clumping. This could be caused by Retinities Pigmentosa, but it does not fulfill all the requirements to be classified as this condition. Here is the wiki entry

Hanging in there from a hangover

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Since I was brave enough last night to drink on a Sunday, I am currently enduring a dream-like state of being, with a slight hint of dizziness.

As long as I am able to make it to lunch without hurling, I will make it through the day.

This weekend was a friend’s 21st birthday, so many shots were distributed during the bday weekend festivities. Met some other photographers/tech’s as well who work for a nearby private practice. One is also a graduate of RIT.

Looks like you can’t ever get away from RIT. Oh well, atleast they aren’t serious nerds.

How many patients will suck today?

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The answer is all of them.

Today was by far the worst day I have experienced yet. First we had a patient who sadly had undergoneĀ a stroke, and was unable to remember my instructions for a Visual Field test. These tests on average are around 9 minutes, with the subject looking only at one spot the entire time. The machine will randomly flash a spot of light to check their vision in the periphery. This poor man would forget to push the button everytime, so I would have to keep reminding him to.

Next patient: Old sweet asian man and his daughter. He comes in for a Fluorescein Angiogram and color fundus photos. He does not speak english at all, and cannot open his barely dilated eyes enough for me to get good photos. I really love having to pry patients eyes open. After we finish the photos before the dye, I get one of the next door doc’s to do the injection of the dye. He does one attempt, and does not get it, and gives up. I grab another doctor who has been in internal medicine for over 20 years, and he is unable to find a vein. Both of his attempts result in ruptured veins and will leave that poor guy some large bruises. We end up making him take the dye orally, with some diet coke. He seriously pounded that drink like a champ. He was by far the toughest patient today, but my overall favorite of the day.

Next amazing patient: Comes in for ONLY an OCT scan. This test normally takes on average 5 minutes, depending on the patient and the media. I finished her scan in 2 minutes. First thing she asks me when we sit down at the machine is, “Do you have some Asian in you?”. I reply, “nope, dad was Colombian, mom is German/Irish.” Best patient ever says, “Oh Colombian, you probably have some Asian.” I kindly reply, “No I would say none at all.” What a fucking retard. Are you kidding me? What kind of shit have you been smoking? Then she tells me how she was just recently in Spain, and how many different appearances people who speak spanish are. Um…. are you fucking serious? This woman is just straight up mental. Oh and she was not old, she was in her 40’s. Just that type of personality that sucks really bad. I dont want you to think I’m making fun of some senile old person.

After her test, she proceeds to hassle my receptionist about some photos which were sent to her doctor from 3 years ago. Just go away. Please. Just leave now.

So in conclusion, my day was slow, painful and shittastic. How was yours?

Namaste, Privet, Hola!

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Welcome to my newly discovered life working in the field of Ophthalmic Imaging. This is my blog to get out frustrations at work, and also serves as a way to show some rare cases and some of my imaging.

**No patient information will ever be disclosed**

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