Money, MUNI and a Monday Morning

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So this morning got off to an exceptionally good start. All due to the fact that I was able to getout of bed much earlier than normal.

Nothing about the night before was different. In fact I stayed up late. And even ate some Ben and Jerry’s, in bed.

Well either way. I got up and did all the shit I needed to this morning before leaving for work.

As I’m walking down the street to the bus stop I hear that fucker trucking it up the hill. I run yelling to stop and he actually does. (MUNI bus drivers are notorious for being assholes.)

As I board the bus I thank him but he says nothing. I then put my 15 dimes in the slot to pay my fare. The fuckers get stuck at the top and as they fall in they only count out to 70 cents.

The driver was holding my transfer ticket which I needed for my next bus. He pulled it into his hand as he saw all I had was 70 cents in the machine.

Finally I’m pleading to get that fucking ticket. He gives in.

So now I’m on time, in a good mood for a Monday. And I’m holding a little bit of cash to pay for this weeks expenses.

— JRodriguez

ps: I think I’m dumb, maybe just happy.


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This morning being of the wake and bake variety, I’ve had some old epiphanies regarding self-improval/empowerment.

Ironic you say? Well did I even ask you?

I realized I have so much going well for me and I just somehow ignore it. Why would I even remotely be depressed? Oh wait I know! I’m not even doing anything productive. Ever.

How about I just change that? Yes as easy that sounds. Not changing anything is even easier to do. So fuck that. No more bullshitting.

Waking up early isn’t hard once your up so I have to train my zombie-ass to just get up and go run. Maybe I’ll puffski a tiny bit and that can be a second motivator.

I mean it is my favorite vegetable.

Foveal Pit: Macula Mash-up

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Stereo Pairs: Optic Disc

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Cross eyes to merge two images into one.

Click to see full-size. Cross eyes to merge two images into one.

Cross eyes to merge two images into one.

Click to see full-size. Cross eyes to merge two images into one.

Musical Interlude: “Tricky feat. Hawkman”

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Link to downloadable mp3:

Tricky – Evolution Revolution Love

I’m really getting into Tricky’s tracks featuring Hawkman. The fusion of Tricky’s dark trip-hop guitar riff’s with Hawkman’s melodic harmonies add a wonderful Reggae vibe.
I find myself nodding to this almost in a trance-like state.

Glaucomatous Optic Nerves

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Glaucomatous optic nerve’s may contain:

  • Noticeable asymmetry of optic discs
  • Advanced glaucomatous cupping of the right optic nerve
  • Localized rim loss inferiorly and baring of the circumlinear vessel
  • Nasalization and bayoneting of the vessels
  • Baring of the lamina cribrosa

Macular Dystrophy

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Fluorescein Angiogram Montage OS

Fluorescein Angiogram Montage OS

Here is my first gallery post of a case where there is a huge amount of Retinal Pigment Epithelium clumping. This could be caused by Retinities Pigmentosa, but it does not fulfill all the requirements to be classified as this condition. Here is the wiki entry